Megabass Performance Works MPW Big Slap Floating

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Condition: New 
Length: 150mm
Weight: 70g
Type: Floating

Big Slap is a magnum-sized flat side shad that imitates large baits such as bluegill and crucian carp. Intense flushing occurs due to the synergistic effect of the rolling action created by the body shaped on the flat side and the high specific gravity weight placed at the low center of gravity. Induce a monster fish bite with an overwhelming lightening appeal. A crank lip with a reduced front projection area can be retrieved with extremely low winding resistance. It realizes a light winding feeling that will not tire even if you cast and roll over all day, and you can quickly search a vast area. Experience the overwhelming monster capture performance of Big Slap, which shows a vivid lightening effect and natural roll action.