Megabass Performance Works MPW KIRINJI 90 Limited Color SP-C

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Condition: New
Length: 90mm
Weight: 7/16oz
Type: Floating

We wanted to keep it a secret that it works well for bass... !

Yuki Ito, the creator of the KIRINJI, has been catching spooky bass that have been pounded by spinner baits day after day by simply pulling the KIRINJI slowly on the surface in a wide area with weeds just below the water's surface. The KIRINJI produces an action that appeals to spooky bass by simply being pulled slowly on the surface.Its unique high pitch roll screw action is very effective in tough conditions. The fact that bass are continuously chased from the same spot over and over again is probably due to the exquisite live wave motion generated by the KIRINJI. MPW has created a special KIRINJI that is more adjustable to fresh water. The specific gravity has been tuned to facilitate sharp popping and splashing, and the spicy impact added to the unique live wave action attracts lunker scattered in shallow water from a wider area. The KIRINJI combines a lustrous rolling action and flashing on a straight retrieve with elements that create a sound impact. 


The “4 INTAKE 4 OUT” structure spontaneously adjusts the water flow to create effective action. Amazing ultra-high pitch roll with a light, stress-free retrieve feel.