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Condition: New
Length: 90mm
Weight: 3/8oz
Type: Floating

Soft pencil bait that can hit the cover hard !

PIVOT is a snagless soft pencil with a real fish design.
The hollow soft body eliminates the interference noise between the body and hook that occurs during action, making it completely silent. The silent approach by the minimized water landing sound and the high dimension of snagless performance make it boldly attack the nervous fish lurking in the cover.
The baitfish-like body produces a nimble head-swinging and sliding action that enhances the baitfish's ability to slither through cover, and is also comfortable to use in open water.
In addition, the "specially developed original hook" and "unique soft material body" combine snag-free performance with precise hooking performance to bring a high probability of hooking even a rough bite from under cover.
The revolutionary "PIVOT" a pencil bait, opens a new door to the topwater cover game.

The slim body allows water to escape efficiently, and the lure makes a nimble table turn. It appeals to fish even in open water.

The baitfish-like soft body provides a natural and silent approach to attract fish to bite.

Specially designed original hook realizes high hooking rate and snag-free performance.