X-80 PROP DARTER 80 2002

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Condition: New (box has stains)
Length: 80.5mm
Weight: 1/4oz
Type: Floating

Boil action type top water bait

PROP DARTER 80 (X-80 PD) is something like top-water version of TRICK DARTER. The prop which was invented (PAT.P) just for this bait, is truly unique not simply because it is asymmetric but because of its lively swimming sound and its ability to spit back. As for the body, the inside structure has been completely overhauled and redesigned for a new set of objectives. As a result it leans to left and right when retrieved. It looks like a snake's swimming track. PROP DARTER has a lip, which tries to dive. Yet it cannot dive. This struggle adds to PROP DARTER's unique bio-sound and the surface action you have never seen before.

Shovel bill for prop darters that neither floats nor dives too much

The prop darter's shovel-like lip is shaped to create a floating angle of the lure body in relation to the water surface. The shape is designed to respond to the slightest rod work or delicate retrieve. The lure grabs the water and splashes and darts without diving or floating too much. It creates an action that is effective on sub-surfaces. The humpback body is tall and has a shape suitable for rolling. This body form and the high center of gravity make the lure appeal to anglers with a violent action that has never been seen before.

Produces a lifelike bio-sound that
drives bass crazy !

Unequal design prop PAT.P

The prop is designed with a perfect balance of unequal design and each part is designed with a perfect molding angle to produce a lifelike sound that is irregular and not regular. The prop is made of a new material and carefully produced piece by piece with high-precision molding technology, which enables irregular and smooth rotation. By jerking the lure with a straight retrieve, or by slowing down the retrieve speed, you can create a realistic splash sound that can be mistaken for a baitfish feeding on the surface of the water.

Dynamic continuous fluttering action even when just reeling !
The Prop Darter produces a fierce rolling action that shows the side of the body with a straight retrieve, and a dynamic de-orbit action with a stop-and-go retrieve or by changing the retrieve speed. The sound of a boiling bait fish creates a feeding condition.