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Condition: New
Length: 106mm
Weight: 1/2oz
Type: Floating

Deep fish, breaking the surface !

i-WAKE is a supernatural wakebait that specializes in the "dead slow" retrieve that has been boiled down for many years by Shinji Sato, the master guide of Oni, who is extremely popular in Lake Biwa. In the past, wake baits often produce flashy actions and sounds, while i-WAKE aims at the opposite end and is a natural feeding bait creeping with "dead throw" so that the target does not have unwilling caution. The i-WAKE equipped with the new center of gravity movement system "LBOⅡ" boasts a dramatic improvement in castability due to instantaneous movement of the center of gravity, and a speed of swimming immediately when landing, which was impossible with conventional lure engineering. The LBOⅡ's bearing-incorporated shaft-type weight is used as the "axis", and the roll-based action setting allows the extremely lively trajectory at the time of the dead throw retrieve, just like a real bait, to be unique to the "Prop Darter" series. "Stay & Twitch" also demonstrates its power. "Asymmetric Pella", which generates natural action and sound, creates a realistic boil and splash.
Please try "I Wake" prop dart magic, which is effective for slick bass.


The L.B.O. has been evolved to a shaft-less structure for an even lower center of gravity. The bushing with an infinite loop arrangement of high-precision micro ball bearings moves silky-smooth inside the body. Improved action and response by increasing the flying distance and stabilizing the flight posture.

Asymmetrical Peller

Exquisitely balanced design produces a lifelike sound that is not regular and irregular. Smooth and irregular rotation is possible. By jerking the lure with a straight retrieve, or by slowing down the retrieve speed, you can create a realistic splash sound that can be mistaken for a baitfish feeding on the surface of the water.

Equipped with tinsel hooks

Tinsel hooks are used for the rear hooks to reduce interference with the body during action and to increase appeal.