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Blue Back Chart Candy is a nostalgic color that has been used in the first Deep-X and Griffon series since around 2005.
It is a Megabass-style adaptation of the blue-back chart color that has become increasingly popular, especially among American lures since that time, and is a ghostly chart color that dares to reduce its original impact. The bright blue back is made of candy metallic paint, and the beautiful finish is characterized by the glittering of fine particles depending on the light. As the name "candy" suggests, it also expresses a unique sliminess, and while being an appealing color, it also produces a liveliness.
It is a very effective color in stained to muddy water, and will be especially effective in early spring when the water is cloudy. Blue Back Chart Candy is the color to use in situations where non-transparent chart colors, such as Chart or Mat Tiger, are too strong in their appeal.