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Crack Sand is a crack base color that was used in the first generation SR-X Griffon and the former Deep X series. It has been a part of Megabass' color lineup since the late 90's, when the bass fishing boom was at its peak, and was very popular along with other crack-based colors such as crack spawn and crack jungle.
The crack pattern on the back consists of a rare color scheme of gray and salmon-pink, and is especially effective against big bass during the early spring spawning season. The most appealing feature of this color is its excellent stability, which is not affected by weather or water quality, and the delicate flashing of the GP (Guanium Phantom) holo, which is more effective in tougher fields. It is also a good color for shallow cover in wild ponds because it reminds you of crustaceans such as shrimp and crayfish.
The crack base colors, including crack sand, were changed to a clear base without GP holo in the early 2000s, so many anglers may not be familiar with the GP crack sand. This time, it has been recreated with a nostalgic finish that recreates the texture of the original release, and should be a happy reprint for core fans.