Respect Color GG JEKYLL & HYDE

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Jekyll & Hyde is an asymmetrical color with different colors on each side: black gold on one side and metallic black on the other. The color was inspired by the American lures of the past, and Megabass came up with this color. The first Flap Slap, released between 1997 and 2000, was the only one to use this color. At first glance, the color may seem strange, but it is intended to create a flickering effect, glowing gold or black and disappearing from the bass's sight depending on the angle of the light. The first Flap Slap lure that came in this color was an unorthodox bait, but it became a killer bait that killed many big bass in many fields, and its popularity has not diminished. Incidentally, other than Jekyll & Hyde, there are few asymmetrical colors in the Megabass color lineup, which makes this color even more special.