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This smallmouth bass color has a long history, having been used on the newly debuted POPX in 1996. It was just around the time that people were beginning to talk about catching smallmouth bass in the fields in Japan, so the lineup included both a green and silver largemouth bass (GG bass) and a brown and gold smallmouth bass. These colors were not simply based on the motifs of the two types of bass, but were similar in color, but with different tones of flashing to enable color selection according to the water color, an unusual concept at the time. In fact, gold smallmouth bass on a dark brown background were extremely effective in wild ponds and lakes with reddish-brown stained water caused by tannin oozing from accumulated fallen leaves, but many alternative colors appeared later, so this is a valuable color that is no longer produced. The color is no longer in production, as many of its replacements were introduced later. It should be noted that the early smallmouth bass were of the SG (Super Ghost) specification, but the history of this color is that it was later redesigned to the GG specification. Core fans may remember this.