Respect Color GP PHANTOM

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This color was created in the mid to late 90's, from 1996 to 1997. This color was first used in the Pop X, then the first Dog X and Giant Dog X, and was mainly used in topwater plugs. Nowadays, clear-based colors are standard, but at the time, plugs were mainly coated with metallic colors with strong flashing or chart colors that appealed to anglers, and clear-based colors like the GP Phantom were rare. The GP Phantom was the forerunner of many of the clear-based colors that would later be released. The concept was to create a clear color with extremely low appeal that blended well with the water. To achieve this, a brownish clear color is used as the base color, and a slightly glittering holo is applied to give the bait a lifelike and natural feel. Although this color does not mimic any particular baitfish, the random flashing of the GP holo easily blends in with the complex light on the water's surface, and in a sense can be called the ultimate natural color.