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GP Pro Blue is a standard clear natural color that has been used in many Megabass lures since the late 1990s, when bass fishing boomed in Japan. The color imitates a crayfish that has just molted, making it easy for bass to prey on it. The GP (Guanium Phantom) holographic color scheme makes the most of its power in tough fishing conditions. At the time, Pro Blue was a typical color for soft baits, but Megabass' foresight in applying it to a plug is evident. The light clear blue color of the GP Hollow has a low appeal and blends well with the water, making it very effective for big bass that are wary and reluctant to use their mouths. The random flashing of the GP Hollow also blends well with the complex light on the surface of the water, making it an interesting color to incorporate into your topwater color rotation. At first glance, this color looks like it would be most effective on clear lakes, but as mentioned above, it is a crawfish-inspired color, so you can expect it to work well in shallow cover on muddy lakes as well.