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HAKUSEI MUDDY GORI COPPER is a dark tone color that exists only in the Live X Leviathan, which was introduced in 1994. As the name implies, this color is inspired by freshwater fish such as gobies and reed buntings, and is very effective for bass that are conscious of bottom baits. The HAKUSEI color itself was originally created specifically for the Live X Leviathan, and is an artistic color pattern of native Japanese freshwater fish such as ayu and kawamutsu that was created by the skilled craftsmen at the Megabass Factory using the same techniques as taxidermy. Among them, the HAKUSEI MUDDY GORI COPPER, which imitates a benthic bait, which is rare for a plug, is a novel coloration that shines with the foresight of Megabass. Despite the name "Muddy," it is also highly versatile and can be used in any situation, regardless of the field or water quality, which is one of the appeals of this color. Its lifelike luster, reminiscent of real baitfish, will be an indispensable trump card for attacking bass that have become more selective in recent years. In the late 90's, however, the pattern was changed to an insect-eaten spot pattern on the back only. This time, the pattern has been reprinted, but the colors and textures of those days have been faithfully reproduced for a nostalgic finish.