Respect Color IL MIRAGE

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IL MIRAGE is a clear base color with a beautiful contrast between GG holo stripes and IL (Illusion) paint. It was introduced around 2001 as a sister color to IL SIRIUS, which we introduced previously, and was very popular due to its unique color scheme. It was used on the Giant Dog X, Vibration X Ultra, and other lures, and was also used on the lineup of Lip-in bait and the X-80SW series of salt lures. The body is painted a clear pale yellow, and the back is coated with an IL coating that changes color from blue-green to purple depending on the light. The stripes on the sides shine exquisitely in parts while allowing light to penetrate, giving the appearance of a baitfish with its scales nearly peeled off. The overall image is of a clear natural color, but the orange berry accents the color well, giving it just the right amount of appeal. The combination of various color changes and flickering flashing creates a mirage-like visual effect, and this color has the explosive power to drive many fish eaters crazy, regardless of the field.