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ITO Gori is a clear base color that was used in Live X Leviathan and the old Deep X series. It was introduced around 2000, and as the name suggests, the color is an imitation of freshwater goby species such as Gori and Yoshinobori. It is a factory-tuned color of the HAKUSEI Muddy Gorilla Copper introduced previously, and its greatest feature is its clear watermelon-like body, which is rare for a plug. It goes without saying that this coloring is effective for bass that are conscious of bait on the bottom, just like the HAKUSEI MUDDY GORI COPPER, but its more natural transparency further expands the range it can be used in. It is a versatile color that can be used in all depths, from shallow to deep water. It is especially powerful in fields with abundant weeds, and produces realistic bait fish that change body color in tune with the surrounding weeds. It is especially effective in weeded areas where the use of soft baits is usually recommended. The coloring was originally designed for crankbaits only, but its transparency makes it a good match for topwater plugs as well. Contrary to its name "Gori," this color can be used with bottom baits without being conscious of their use.