Respect Color ITO ILLUSION

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ITO Illusion is a pearl base color with IL (Illusion) paint on the back. This color was first introduced around 2001, and was used on the Vision 95 and One Ten series at the time. The brownish IL paint sprayed on the back shows a variety of color changes depending on the light, and together with the light pearl yellow color on the sides, which exquisitely reflects the light, it gives off a unique presence. The beautiful contrast with the orange berry for visibility and flickering effect is also noteworthy. This color is only available on jerkbaits, with the exception of some limited production runs, because jerkbaits are the best at taking advantage of the color tone that changes in response to action. Since this respect color is also available for items other than jerkbaits, it is a color that should be tried in various situations, not only in early spring when jerkbaits are frequently used. The magical power of ITO Illusion, which is not found in ordinary metallic or clear colors, is sure to stimulate the predatory instincts of bass that do not respond to realistic colors that faithfully reproduce baitfish.