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PM MIDNIGHT BONE is a blackish color that exists only in Griffon Zero, which was introduced in 2003. It is a PM (pearl mica) version of the previously introduced GG MIDNIGHT BONE, and its transparent black and pearl base with a pale glow are impressive. The face and belly areas, including the lips, are painted a dark tone clear red, which, in combination with the silver bone pattern, creates a unique atmosphere. The color scheme in which even the lip is painted is rare in Megabass's color lineup, and it is also a highly valuable color in that it is exclusive to Griffon Zero. It boasts top-class appeal among the black colors that have appeared in the Respect Color lineup so far, and especially in low light, it can be expected to perform well in the name of midnight. In addition, on muddy lakes, this color has more impact than the more flashy chart colors, so you can make the most of this color's overwhelming presence. Since this color has never been used in anything other than Griffon Zero, this reissue is sure to be an extremely valuable addition to the lineup.