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Red Eye Grass Shrimp is a valuable color that is only available in a few items in the lineup, such as Baby Griffon and Live X Margay.
It features a green-pumpkin type clear body with a pale blue pearl sprayed on it, realistically representing a crustacean just after molting. As a grass shrimp, this color emphasizes the transparency of shrimp, and has a different appeal from mat-coated crayfish-type colors. The greatest feature of this color is the change in color tone between forward and backlight. When the light is bright, a faint blue pearl shines through, and when the light is backlit, a pattern resembling the joints of a shrimp rises out of the clear base body. Although it is labeled "red eye," the eyeball is not a common red eye, but a pink eye to match the color of the shrimp. As anglers who have ever illuminated shrimp with a light at night will know, the pink eyes of the shrimp in the dark have been faithfully imitated. This color is especially effective in weed areas, and we highly recommend that you try it when targeting bass that are partial to shrimp attached to weeds.