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Sunset Teaser is a pink-backed clear base color that exists in Megabass salt lures. It is an excellent color that has been used in the X-80SW and Live X Margay SW, which are famous as the standard seabass minnows, and has catched many lunker seabass in the past. It has a flashy pink background with an eye-catching orange berry and a strong impact, but at the same time it has a natural clear body that allows light to penetrate.
The Sunset Teaser's strength lies in the fact that it contains both of these contradictory elements. The guanium holo stripe creates a realistic image of a damaged and weakened baitfish, and has the magical power to make even sea bass bite in tough conditions.
The perfect balance of high appeal and naturalness is sure to be used in a variety of situations, regardless of fish species or field.
It is highly visible in top water and flickers in under water. It is a saltwater version of the Hachiro Reaction color, and it goes without saying that it will be effective in bass fishing as well. It is rare in the history of Megabass for a salt lure color to be used in a bass lure, so this is an extremely valuable lineup among the respected colors we have introduced so far.