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Condition: New
Length: 60mm
Weight: 3/8oz
Type: Floating

The world's first S-CRANK with "S-shaped orbit action while wobbling !

The S-CRANK series is a square-bill crank bait with tight wobbling and slalom action that is used by MOA professional staff who compete at the highest level in the world.
The edgy head catches the eye in the body design. This head cuts the water during the action to create a tight wobbling action and slalom action.
In the fishing of crankbaits, where the tempo is ticking, crankbaits could only be lured with a line. However, the S-CRANK series has a slalom action, which is its greatest feature, and attracts fish not with lines but with surfaces. In other words, the width of the slalom action makes it possible to attract a wider range of fish with a single cast than ordinary crankbaits. Also, the tight action while slaloming will bring even nervous fish to bite without hesitation.
The square-bill lip and high buoyancy also help the lure to avoid structure.

Action changes! Tight wobbling and slalom action

At first, it only wobbles tightly, but when it reaches a certain diving depth, it suddenly changes to a tight wobbling and slalom action!
The lure attracts fish with its surface action, not with its line action like a normal crank bait, and allows you to explore widely with one cast.