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Condition: New
Length: 140mm
Weight: 48g
Type: Floating

High-appeal 2-way big wake bait !

The Sazanka 140F is a new generation wake bait that combines variable action with an overwhelming attack area. The high buoyancy provided by the large-volume body and air-room lip allows it to respond to multiple retrieves, from low-speed to high-speed retrieves.

(1) On a slow retrieve, the bait exhibits a responsive rolling action with strong water push and pull waves. It brings a different dimension of feeding impact to the surface stage.

(2) On the fast retrieve, the action changes to a wide wobble and roll with a strong wave action. The powerful waking action with an overwhelming presence stirs the water just below the surface.

(3) Reeling action creates a sliding action that darts from side to side while drawing an "S" shape. In crowded baitfish situations, it boldly induces reaction bites from baitfish that do not respond to a conventional wake action. The internal mechanism is equipped with the LBO II (PAT.) center-of-gravity momentary shift system. The long castability of the lure, which makes it possible to cast the lure in headwinds, enables a precise distance approach to spooky monster fish without being alarmed by them.

Intense roll flashing occurs from the water surface to just below the water surface. As the retrieve speed increases, the bait wobbles with an overwhelming feeding impact.

When jerked by reeling work, it darts from side to side in an S-stroke with a roll. The irregular rolling-slide action enables a technical approach to targets that do not respond to a wake action.

・Maximum flying distance improved by 20% with LBO system
・Ultra-low resistance weight produces an inertial impact
・Instantaneous swimming action response