SCREAM-X Do-Rum 120 Classic

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Condition: New
Length: 120mm
Weight: 5/8oz
Type: Floating


The Drum is formed by the new material "AIR block material", which has a super light specific gravity comparable to the natural material used in the original SCREAM-X. The propeller principle unique to SCREAM-FORM allows the water flow to cling to the drum, catching and releasing the water, and efficiently agitating the drum with less water pushing. The water flow captured by the ultra-thin fiberglass lip creates a spinning behavior of the prop body, and the spiral motion of the prop body speeds up in synchronization with the pressurization of the water flow by retrieve, creating a continuous inverted motion. This new impact can be created by a simple straight retrieve, and it is a new genre new action bait that stimulates the feeding circuit of monsters with a completely new principle. Its swimming action is a high pitch spiral drive. It generates a boiling sound by continuously hitting the surface of the water with its body and tail while creating a tremendously accelerated wave of water current agitation.
It stimulates monsters to float with its terrific natural impact.
Its target fish are not only monster bass but also all kinds of fish-eating monsters such as sea bass in estuaries, harbors and mud flats. The drum's spiral drive is more effective against fish that have seen through the dull movements of swimbaits. No other big plug has such a high-pitch movement and such a silent landing sound that you cannot believe it is a big plug. We hope you will experience its amazing performance in the field.