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Condition: New
Length: 75mm
Weight: 1/4oz
Floating / Suspend

Matured extreme shad !

The SHADING-X, a masterpiece of finesse shad that has broken through many tough tournament scenes, has been further updated. The SHADING-X R series has been fine-tuned with the latest engineering to win in even tougher fishing conditions. The main weight of the internal "TRIANGLE, COUNTER, BALANCING" system (PAT.) has been shifted to the center of gravity. This system has been refined for long castability that enables long-distance flight with a bait finesse rod even in strong winds. Furthermore, the ultra-thin body's wide collapse and violent vibration have been reinforced. Tuning to a responsive "ultra-high pitch" action that accentuates the edge of the action brings a new dimension of feeding elements. The "movable back-mounted weight" placed on the back, which daringly follows a part of the original internal structure, dramatically changes the behavior of the ultra-thin shad body boldly and anomalously through various counter center of gravity changes woven by the high center of gravity moving on the back and the low center of gravity moving in a new lower layer when twitching. The action of the ultra-thin shad body is boldly and irregularly transformed to create a "bite". When the action starts, the lure swims forward and immediately starts swimming, and on ultra-dead slow retrieves during low water temperatures, live action is generated with only a slight tension of the line. On a high-speed retrieve, it switches to a "high pitch vibrate" action to trigger feeding bites. The new engineering enclosed in this small, too-thin, delicate shad body is like a precision machine. The SHADING-X R series is a special item for purely competitive use, to be used in tough conditions where you do not want to give up the game.


The three distributed centers of gravity (ⓐ "fixed balancer in the abdomen," ⓑ "movable back-mounted balancer in the back," and the newly added ⓒ "movable main weight that moves backward from the abdomen") create effective "counterbalancing" each time, demonstrating the power of the system.
The action-generating vector shift created by the myriad center-of-gravity positioning by ⓐ × ⓑ × ⓒ brings about changes in action that the clever fish cannot learn. The shift of the main weight's center of gravity allows the ultra-slim, lightweight body to fly firmly, and it exhibits "sharp behavior changes (fluttering)" that responds to even the slightest obstacle contact. Twitching produces the "instant kickback action" exhibited by shrimp.
This is a professional-use secret mechanism for winning tough tournaments, where natural reactions that can only be produced by triangle counterbalancing occur frequently.