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Condition: Used
Length: 55.0mm
Weight: 1/8oz
Type: Suspend

Full competition specifications

The SHADING-X has become a winning lure in many of Japan's most prestigious tournaments, and it is said that there is not an angler in the world who does not know of its tremendous catching power. To catch tougher fish with higher pressure. Finally, a downsized shallow model will be released. The stop-and-go method used to be considered a must-fish method for shad lures. However, the clever monster fish that have survived in high-pressure fishing grounds can no longer be captured by single-minded tactics. This is why Megabass enhanced the sidestep action of the SHADING-X in order to increase the reaction element and increase the bite rate. This time, we decided on the range and size of the 55 to target bass that are extremely inactive, while keeping the action of the original. The less active the bass are, the narrower their attack range becomes. By rotating the lure, it is possible to capture a detailed range and further improve the hit rate. By using this lure in combination with the original, you will be able to encounter more monsters.

Cutting willow bill

Cutting willow bill with good water drainage. It creates a flashing action by sidestepping slightly above the bass' localized range to get them to bite.

The flat-sided knife-edge body produces intense flashing when the side-stepping action is added. The secret of its amazing catching power lies in its body design.

The range of bass attack in winter is extremely narrow. By rotating the lure with the original, you can increase the hit rate by attacking the range closely.