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Condition: New
Length: 7 inch

Monster Hunting Baits !

The SPARK series is jointly developed by Big Bass Hunter and Megabass Factory. The SPARK Shad is a long-awaited shad-tail worm that is the culmination of their respective know-how. 
The main features of the SPARK Shad are its body shape, which resembles the hull of a boat, which creates a high degree of straight-line stability, and its tail design, which is made as thin as possible to create a slight wave action. The body shape resembles a boat hull for high straight-line stability.
The pectoral fins and flat back are designed to increase stability. The rolling action of the lure has been suppressed to the utmost limit, making it visually appealing to even the most cautious monster as if it were a real bait.
This rolling action also prevents the hook point from getting out of control, which greatly increases the hooking rate.
Use the SPARK SHAD as a schooling bait with the SPARK or on its own to experience the real cruising action of the SPARK SHAD.