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Condition: Unused (some scratches)
Length: 58.0mm
Weight: 5/16oz
Type: Floating

A minnow-shaped crank measuring just 58.5mm, less than 60mm, swoops in with an amazing ultra-long trajectory.
It is finally approaching the migratory range of spooky monsters in major lakes.
The Spin Drive is designed with a variable water pressure bill (lip) created from Megabass' latest hydrodynamic research.
This lure can be used to contact a wide range of water depths, from as shallow as 50cm to as deep as 2.7m. When retrieved dead slow as if it were a soft bait, the lure bites the water and transmits an edgy high-pitch roll to the angler, emitting intense flickering and vibrations to create a real bait for biting.
When retrieved at high speed, it produces many reaction bites with its violent vibration pitch that far surpasses even vibration plugs.
Please check out the reaction magic of the Spin Drive, which catches more fish than soft baits.
Equipped with Megabass' original ultra-high specific gravity tungsten balancer, the Spin Drive 58 can be easily cast not only with spinning tackle, but also with bait tackle.
It is a new generation of small versatile plugs that can be used at any tackle, depth and retrieve speed.