SPINE-X 190F 2024 EXHIBITION Limited Color SP-C

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Condition: New
Length: 190mm
Weight: 1-5/8oz
Type: Floating

SPINE-X is a new innovative swimbait equipped with the new concept of LIVE-WIRED-SYSTEM (PAT.P).
LIVE-WIRED-SYSTEM controls the uncoordinated and inexplicable movements of each body part of conventional jointed lures, which tended to move too much. This new technology inserts a shape-memory titanium spine into the back of the body, and by reconfiguring the number of wires, wire diameter, etc., the body's suppleness can be tuned to your liking.
The body of the SPINE-X, which incorporates a shape-memory spine, is as supple and naturally taut as a real bait, reproducing the natural swimming pattern of bony fish propelled through the water by their backbones and muscles. The SPINE-X is extremely effective for the discerning big-fish game in clear water, and the bite is never lost. The lure's glossy appearance on a normal retrieve is also a sight to behold, but when the body is restored by twitching or jerking, the movement of the connected body swimming in tandem with the elastomer tail is truly a live bait itself.
The SPINE-X will surely open up the closed monster's large mouth.

This is a revolutionary tuning system in which the shape memory titanium wire functions as the spine of the bait. By changing the number and diameter of the inserted wires according to the situation, the body action can be updated and tuned to the realistic swimming action of a real bait rich in elasticity. This system brings natural tension to the connected body, where each independent part moves separately, and realistically reproduces the original swimming form of bony fish propelled by the backbone and muscles. The amazing secret tuning that has made the jointed lure bite at a high rate on clear lakes with a hundred experienced monsters.