Unused SR-X CYCLONE 2004

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Condition: Unused
Length: 55.5mm
Weight: 12g
Type: Floating

The GRIFFON series boldly attracts suspenders and cruising fish waiting near structure to bite with an acrobatic escape action that avoids contact with the structure. On the other hand, the "stabilizing method" may be a Texas-rigged worming or rubber jig that drags out resident lunker fish that hide in riprap or laydowns by making dense contact with structure.
The CYCLONE is the big sister of the GRIFFON, but like the Bait-X CONCEPT, it has an easy fast-moving style that makes direct contact with bass hiding in structure. It has a number of mechanisms that make it difficult to get stuck in cover, and its high-pitch wobbling that allows it to swim with a violent pitch even in the slightest dimension of structure holes allows it to directly hit resident lunkers. The super crank bait that Megabass USA had ordered from Yuki Ito has finally been unveiled. The Cyclone offers a new dimension of stabilized cover cranking.

Stobilizing Water Flow System (PAT.)
When retrieving, the water flow captured by the lip is captured by the mouth part and merges with the pool in the head of the body and pressurizes it. The center of gravity is unevenly distributed in the head, creating a slanting position that prevents the lure from being rooted.
The water flow taken into the pool in the head is pressurized by the retrieve, and is then divided into the left and right sides of the eyes (both eyes) to suppress the upward flow and lift force. In combination with the jet stream discharged at high pressure from the intake dome on the belly, the Cyclone swims in close contact with the structure it comes into contact with. At any retrieve speed, the lure can make dense contact with structure.