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Condition: Used
Length: 120mm
Weight: 3/4oz
Type: Floating

The complete tournament version of the Dog X has finally arrived in Japan !

The DOG-X DIAMANTE is a model that inherits the tradition of the DOG-X and incorporates factors that help anglers win tournaments in the United States. The DOG-X DIAMANTE further enhances the crisp dogwalk that is synonymous with the DOG-X series. The DOG-X DIAMANTE has a crisp dog walk that is synonymous with the DOG-X series, and in addition to the normal dog walk at normal speed, the DOG-X DIAMANTE shows overwhelming performance in the "high speed dog walk" where it explores at a high tempo. Also worthy of special mention is the keel, which is clearly carved deeper than that of conventional plugs.
This deep cut keel not only stabilizes the bite of the water during the action, but also the modest splash that occurs when the lure shakes its head from side to side is reminiscent of the feeding style of bait fish. In addition, the 120mm body is equipped with three hooks to capture any bite. This setting is designed to land the high score fish that are counted at the weigh-in stage. DOG-X DIAMANTE is a competition pencil bait that was created to win.