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Condition: New
Length: 138mm
Weight: 1oz
Type: Floating

Transformations of the most powerful !
SuWITCH unleashes the magic of the four witches !

SuWITCH is equipped with the ITO technology introduced in XPOD, the "Transformation System" (PAT.). SuWITCH is a revolutionary system that gives multiple characters to a single lure, allowing the angler to change the angle of the lip with a single touch and instantly switch between target ranges and effective actions. means 4. SuWITCH, which literally means "four witches," has a variety of destructive power, emitting four magical powers in one lure. It is a new generation multi-purpose swimbait that switches its diving range and action to suit the situation and turn on the predator. Equipped with the world's first one-touch lip adjustment mechanism "2-step variable bill" for swimbaits. It instantly switches between "wake mode" on the surface of the water and "dive mode" in the water. In each mode, the lure can be lured by "retrieve" and by "rod work" combined with twitching and jerking. A single lure can produce actions with four different appealing characteristics.

When the lip is set, it produces a strong pulling wave, splash sound, jointed body attack sound, and violent roll flashing, making it a "wake bait". A slow retrieve will bring out its destructive power to the fullest. It also excels at twitching it to the left and right, and dogwalking it. The bait has a very artistic action and can induce bites even from pin spots.

By laying the lip down, the lure acts as a "shallow runner" that dives to depths of 1 m or more. It can be used in situations where fish are not reaching the surface, or when approaching fish that have fallen into the mid-range. It can be used to approach cruising fish or monsters that stay on structure or vegetation. The flexible rolling dart by fast retrieve and twitching greatly increases its appeal to neutral fish.