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Condition: Used
Length: 60.0mm
Weight: 3/8oz
Type: Floating

Uncompromising competition specs for "winning"

The "PROJECT LEGEND" LD series is a special tuning edition that gives shape to the thoughts of bass fishing masters "Legends".
Megabass has taken a traditional, universally known item,
adjusted it from the mold, and transformed it into a lure with the sharp specifications demanded by the masters.
THE KNUCKLE-LD is designed to meet the uncompromising tournament specifications required to "win" in Japan's increasingly tough fields. We purposely converted the FX system installed in the standard specification to a circuit board lip. Thoroughly tuned for ultra high-pitch wobbling roll with even higher response.
In addition, the front hook is equipped with an ultra-lightweight, high-strength swivel to improve the hooking rate and reduce breakage. In addition, the balancer weight is held from multiple directions for complete silencing. Precise JAPAN TOUR specs to squeeze out even more fish from high pressure situations.

Ultra Thin Circuit Board Lip

By converting from the conventional FX system to the ultra-thin circuit board lip, it delivers a high response ultra high pitch wobble roll.

Complete silencing is achieved by holding the weights.

We have developed a unique internal structure that applies moderate pressure to the balancer weight from multiple directions. By holding the weight, complete silencing is achieved.
This is The Knuckle LD's unique JAPAN tour spec to squeeze out one fish under high pressure conditions.

Equipped with a rolling swivel eye