Unused TYPE-X 2004

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Condition: Unused (scratches)
Length: 59mm
Weight: 5/16oz
Type: Floating

With a series of small twitches reminiscent of shaking, it creates an acrobatic movement under the water while staying in a pin spot, causing bass to surface and bite. Its movement is very wacky, not unlike the fluttering of a minnow. This "hovering" is a special technique that turns on monsters tightly lodged in overhanging bushes along the shore or behind rocks in reservoirs.
From early summer, when shade patterns become stronger, to late fall, when topwater response is weaker, the Type X's hovering action is overwhelmingly destructive. Of course, even a slow retrieve on or just below the surface of the water is enough to grab and agitate the water, and the slightly overactive action appeals to the fish, so the size of the fish it draws is good.

A calculated body form that reliably grabs water from any angle. TYPE-X holds the water flow from all directions of the lip, its characteristic fins on both sides of the body (*1), and the fin at the end of the body (*2). The body design responds quickly and linearly to the angler's rod work and instantly produces dynamic displacement. In addition, air is injected into the legs for sharper movement.

Slow Retrieve

TYPE-X produces a powerful wobble-and-roll action even on slow retrieves, where conventional lures lose their swimming sharpness. It produces a powerful, high appealing impact that is unimaginable for a lure of its size. The lure is set with a rearward center of gravity, so when the retrieve is stopped, it rises to the surface in a head-up posture due to its stun-heavy balance. It is a head-bucking floater.


When lightly twitched on retrieve, the TYPE-X produces a dogwalk action like a topwater plug in the water, a table turn over 180 degrees, and even a magic action that makes the lure turn its belly up. Depending on the rod work, it can produce a shocking wacky action that anglers themselves cannot predict.