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Condition: New
Length: -
Weight: 3/16oz. (Hook : #3/0)
               1/4oz. (Hook : #4/0)
               3/8oz. (Hook : #4/0)
               1/2oz. (Hook : #4/0)
               5/8oz. (Hook : #5/0)
               3/4oz. (Hook : #5/0)

Type: Sinking

Next generation swim jig, debut !

The UOZE SWIMMER is a new concept bait proposed by Megabass for must-have fishing. The nose of the real head has been made as thin and narrow as possible to thoroughly improve its ability to slip through bedrock, weeds, and so on. The gills are intentionally stretched out to create just the right amount of reeling action, and combined with the low center of gravity, the bait's stable range-keeping performance is realized. The tight braid attached to the "shape-memory titanium wire" demonstrates its appeal to a wide area with flashing and wave action in environments where visibility is limited, such as weed jungles.
The flexible shape-memory titanium wire does not interfere with hooking when biting, and the blades make contact with the bottom and structure before the main body does, allowing delicate tracing and retrieving without running into obstacles too much.
The hook is equipped with a long shank, wide gabe hook. The hook is designed to accurately penetrate the monster's jaw and ensure that it is brought in for landing.

Precautions for use of titanium wire

Due to the characteristics of titanium wire, its elasticity decreases at low temperatures, and it will not perform as well as it should at temperatures below 0°C (32°F). Please understand this beforehand. If the titanium wire becomes bent, please correct it by bending it slowly in the opposite direction of the bent side. Please note that repeated correction of kinks may cause the wire to break due to metal fatigue.

Double worm keeper to reduce worm displacement