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Condition: Unused
Length: 64.5mm
Weight: 1/2oz
Type: Sinking

The strongest high-powered vibe in its size

The VIBRATION-X has been reborn after 20 years. The wild kicker action of the VIBRATION-X is even more powerful than the original, and as soon as it was released it triggered a monster rush on big lakes and reservoirs including Lake Biwa. Meanwhile, in parallel with the original size lure, development of a downsized model with specialized performance for small-scale field fishing was in progress. The noteworthy feature of the NEW VIBRATION-X, which receives water flow and vibrates violently at the head, is the ability to generate significant power vibration on super dead slow retrieves, something that conventional vibes have struggled with. The hook size is #6 for both front and rear, even though the size is smaller. It has drastically reduced the vibration that often occurs with small vibes.

Flat Head & Hump Back Tail
Flat head design to receive water resistance well. Powerful vibration even on a dead slow retrieve, so it can keep the lure in a constant range.

The tail design releases the received water and produces a wide high kick. Although downsized, it has a stirring capacity as good as the original.

Small body suitable for use on small lakes and wild ponds Prompt search, recommended for land-based anglers who attack with run and gun.