VIBRATION-X SMATRA Windy Side 5th Anniversary Limited Color SP-C

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Condition: New
Length: 64.5mm
Weight: 1/2oz
Type: Sinking (SILENT)

Intense impact in a compact body !

The VIBRATION-X Smatra is a compact vibration bait that works well as a search bait in relatively small areas such as wild ponds and rivers. Its compact size makes it easy to handle, and it can be cast long enough to cut a circle around an open pond. It has a high search ability. The ultra-low center-of-gravity crescent weight mounted on the bottom of the body stabilizes the swim posture even at ultra-high speed retrieves, and produces the same power roll action as the VIBRATION-X Ultra. Despite its compact size, it has a strong impact and attracts fish over a wide area. In addition, the Smatra can be traced lightly through the weeds, even in situations where a full-size vibrating lure would turn into algae. There is no other lure with such a powerful impact hidden in a compact body as the Sumatra, which triggers reaction bites in tough situations such as mid-summer and severe cold.

Equipped with ultra-low center of gravity crescent weight
Fixed weight with ultra-low center of gravity mounted so that it crawls along the bottom of the body. It stabilizes flight posture during casting and realizes long distance casting beyond the common sense of compact size. It also has a stable swim posture during high-speed retrieves and produces a powerful rolling action like the VIBRATION-X Ultra. It is also highly adaptable to the high-speed reaction game, which is an effective method in high and very low water temperature periods. The lure has a strong impact and low reel resistance, supporting long search casts.

Compact but high impact
It has a powerful rolling action that moves the water dynamically.
It also visually appeals to a wide range of fish by creating intense flashing and rippling tone changes. It has a high search ability that is unimaginable from its compact body size. The Smatra is a high impact vibration that can be used not only in small areas such as wild ponds, but also on big lakes.

Fly ! It swims ! The ultimate in basic vibration !
Conventional small vibrating plugs were inferior to crankbaits in terms of appeal, feel and controllability. However, the Smatra has thoroughly solved the various negatives of small vibrators, and can be used in all kinds of fields and situations, flying through headwinds and swimming at any speed with a stable action. It is the ultimate all-around basic that can be used by all anglers, from beginners to expert anglers.

BONE KNOCKER uses Megabass' proprietary blend of bone resin as its body material. The hardness of the resin is higher and the specific gravity is lighter than that of ordinary bone material, resulting in a hard, highly appealing sound. This proactively triggers the reaction bite of neutral fish. The action response has also been improved by making the body material itself lighter in specific gravity. Rotating the sound with the original one will produce even better results.