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Condition: Unused (scratches)
Length: 76.0mm
Weight: 17.4g
Type: Sinking (SILENT)

Drive me crazy !

The Ultra does not have the flat head traditionally found on vibration lures. It uses a hydrodiffusing body foam that acts according to Megabass' unique balance vector, which has been put to practical use in lipless baits. The Ultra not only enables a constant layer of keep contact, but also a keep contact against more unknown deep layers that conventional vibrations could not trace. The Ultra's high-speed rolling action not only creates extremely sharp vibrations, but also makes the water displacement created by agitating water different. The ultra rolling action also creates a wavy tone change on the body surface for maximum visual effect.
In terms of sound, while most rattle-in lures produce a sound in the 3KHz frequency band, the Ultra was developed with a focus on tuning the sound by removing the tone band in this band. This is the ambitious work of Megabass' technical promotion office, focusing only on the frequency band of sound that is easily captured by actual suspending fish on a daily basis.

Ultra has designed the rattle booth based on a series of verifications of "fishable" sound quality, compositing materials of three different compositions to produce a mixing sound. On a normal retrieve, the silent sound is dramatically reduced compared to the previous generation Vibration-X. Then, it catches on the weed and tones up the moment it is dislodged. Bites are concentrated at this moment.