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Online store only, the classic VIBRATION-X ULTRA and SMATRA are now available in a seasonal, made-to-order limited edition.
VIBRATION-X ULTRA and SMATRA are now available in five carefully selected colors, painted with a fine art finish using the latest manufacturing process.
VIBRATION-X ULTRA is a rattle-in type bait that can be used as a search bait in any field.
VIBRATION-X SMATRA is a one-knock type. Specially tuned one-knock sound is easy to handle even in relatively small areas such as wild ponds and rivers, and produces amazing fishing results. it!

Fine Art Finish

The latest method of fine art finishing is a masterful special painting by Megabass Factory's master craftsmen. Optimized for sculptural detail, the superb Art Paint is a unique, life-like, artistic, high-value finish with a unique blend of light and color. It enhances the reality of the slow move and stopping and contributes to increase the number of bites.

The ULTRA does not have the flat head found in traditional vibrating lures. It uses a hydro-diffusing body foam that acts on Megabass' unique balance vector, which has been put to practical use with lipless baits. The ULTRA not only enables the lure to make constant layered contact, it also makes contact with unknown depths where previously vibrations could not be traced. The ultra-fast rolling action not only produces extremely sharp vibrations, but also sets the water displacement created by churning water to a different level. The ultra-rolling action also creates rippling tonal changes on the body surface to maximize its visual effect. In terms of sound, the ULTRA has been developed to tune the sound by skipping the tone band in this band, whereas most rattle line lures usually produce sound in the 3 KHz frequency range. This is an ambitious work from the Megabass Technical Office, focusing only on sounds in the frequency band that are easy to catch by actual suspending fish on a daily basis.

The Vibrations X Smatra is a compact vibratory plug that works well as a search bait in relatively small areas such as wild ponds and rivers. The compact size makes it easy to handle and allows for long casts. High search ability to match the lingering style. The ultra low center of gravity crescent weight (a crescent shape weight) crawls along the bottom of the body to stabilize its swimming posture even on very fast retrieves, producing a power roll action similar to that of the Vibrations X Ultra. Despite its compact size, it makes a strong impact and attracts a wide range of fish. In addition, Sumatra is able to subtly trace the weed, even in situations where a full size vibration plug would get tangled in the weed. Smatra is the only lure that can induce a reaction bite in tough conditions such as mid-summer or during the cold season, and has a powerful impact in a compact body.