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Condition: Used
Length: 71mm
Weight: 3/8oz
Type: Slow Floating

You can stop and invite fish !

The Vibration X Vatalion will dramatically change your strategy against suspending fish.
When stopped and twitched, the Vatalion makes a dynamic 240-degree turn and flashes with a powerful flutter! In muddy water, the flat side power of the Vatalion far surpasses that of slender jerk baits and draws out reaction bites.
The intermediate setting, the tiny "tip bill" that keeps the lure at a constant range in shallow water, the line eye uniquely set at the nose position, and the jointed slant tail are "golden special settings" created to actively lure slow fish in shallow water and make them "stop" and bite.
While dodging structures in shallow water with STOP & GO, and staying and jerking in areas with weeds just below the water surface, it actively draws out the activity of cover fish that "unstoppable spinner baits" and "cranks that touch the bottom" cannot lure, and makes them bite frequently.

Stop & Go / Stay & Jerk

Hi-Pitch - Straight Retrieve
On a straight retrieve, the jointed body produces a lustrous live action and a unique scratching sound when the bodies come into contact with each other! Induces feeding bites from a wide range of shallow and mid-range areas.