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Condition: Unused (scratches)
Length: 110.5mm
Weight: 1/2oz
Type: Suspend

Long-range capture of midrange Jerkbait

The VISION ONETEN +1 is a mid-range jerk bait designed to increase the depth of the original ONETEN by up to 3ft. The ONETEN+1's medium bill is crafted to eliminate the traditional issues of high water-resistance, fatigue, and dead-end darting action often associated with long-bill minnows, all while preserving the legendary action of the original ONETEN. By positioning the line-eye close to the body, water resistance is reduced in order to make it easier to work the ONETEN+1 compared to conventional long bills. In addition, this angler-friendly design also channels more water towards the lure's forehead and along the carefully sculpted body, allowing for irresistible darting action with the slightest input. The ONETEN+1 is finished off with a dual-tungsten Multi-Way Moving Balancer System(PAT.) designed to produce superior long-distance castability even in tough conditions. The VISION ONETEN+1 : The legend just got deeper.

Generally speaking, long bill minnows have a large amount of water flow resistance at the lip, making it difficult to achieve a wide darting action. Plus One has a specially shaped diving bill set on the body's center axis. This allows the water flow received by the lip to flow efficiently to the head of the body, creating a sharp, wide dart action despite the long lip. The sharp flickering flash from the edgy flat shape-shaped body is very effective in deep mid-range water. Short-lipped jerk baits are too shallow, while spoonbills and crankbaits are too deep. In such a mid-range area, the Plus One can develop an aggressive and powerful game by jerking. In addition, the specially shaped diving bill reduces air resistance tremendously when casting.

The synergistic effect of the center-of-gravity shifting system with dual tungsten weights arranged in series achieves outstanding distance even in rough conditions.