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Condition: New
Length: 110.5mm
Weight: 1/2oz
Type: Floating

VISION ONETEN Hi-FLOAT makes VISION ONETEN highly buoyant. Specializing in the swimming response to retrieve, the setting that creates sharp high-pitched rolling action even in super slow retrieve is given. A bait fish that swims defenselessly against fish that does not respond to the vivid action of jerking, such as shallow areas in low water temperatures and weed areas on big lakes under tough conditions. It responds to the "Super Slow Retrieval Method" that makes big fish react at a high level. In addition, high-tempo jerking is also available to catch the feeding fish that came out of the shallow. The “rise-up & dirt” action, which dirts left and right while dodging the shallow cover, ignites the feeding fish's fighting instinct. Please check the tuning of ITO Engineering.