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Condition: New
Length: 98mm
Weight: 3/8oz
Type: Suspend

Amazing underwater slide action !

"The VISION ONETEN Jr. packs the tournament-winning characteristics of the immensely successful VISION ONETEN jerk bait into a 98mm (3.85in) frame, generating more action per inch than its larger sibling.
The VISION ONETEN Jr. has been carefully benchmarked against the VISION ONETEN, and has been redesigned from the ground up to improve upon the dynamic actions of the original, and expand the range of the jerk bait line. The ONETEN’s unique action has been distilled into the diminutive frame of the ONETEN Jr. Not only does it exhibit wide, erratic darts, but also demonstrates high pitch rolling and flashing during slow retrieves and wobble and roll agitation during fast retrieves. Finally, the dual-tungsten weights of the Megabass Multi way Moving Balancer System (PAT.) allow for incredible flight distance despite the lure’s small size.

The shape and position of the lip has been redesigned so that it is balanced with the smaller profile body. With just one jerk of the rod, this bait lip displaces water perfectly to provide the wide, erratic dart action that the ONETEN is known for.

All of the hook eyes are set horizontally, which allows the hooks to move freely and support the wide, erratic dart action.

The size of the Vision ONETEN Jr. provides versatility to your jerkbait lineup by allowing you to match the hatch as closely as possible. Not only is it great for small bodies of water, but is also ideal for tough, highly pressured water.

The Kinkuro and orange colors represented by the GLX Tonekin are secret colors known only to those in the Boso reservoir Kameyama Dam. I myself have been fishing Kameyama Dam for more than 20 years, and these colors have been particularly successful. In the past, the water quality at the Kameyama Dam changed from time to time depending on the rain, but when it was calm, it seemed to resemble the chocolate-colored spring water at the Kameyama Hot Springs, so I threw an astringent orange color and it was a big hit.
Combining the reflective gold and orange image of the GLX with the muddy orange image of the Komorin Coper Shad, I created the Boso Secret as a new image for Kinkuro colors, not to mention for reservoirs in the Boso Peninsula.

I asked Megabass, a company that has distinguished itself from other manufacturers not only by its design but also by the realism and beauty of its colors, to paint the Deadly Fish in a dirty color. I asked Megabass to paint the deadly fish a dirty color, using their technique of turning lures into living creatures. I imagined the color of a dying fish with its scales peeled off, as if a bass had eaten it and spit it out of its mouth. I added a little blur to it. The nature of predators is that they attack from a weak point in the school. That's what I was aiming for with this color.

This color, with its transparent body, pearl and holo effects, and a slight line in the center, is based on a color that was previously made at my request and released in limited quantities as the Ghost Shad, which I used as a completely secret color during tournaments. As the name "Suigo" implies, it has an excellent track record in the Kasumigaura system, but it also has a good track record in other fields and clear lakes. If you are having trouble with a bait during a tournament, use this color. It is the best and most versatile tournament color.

Wakasagi is often the main bait in the Kasumigaura system from fall to spring. Since many of these fish have been introduced to lakes with clear water quality, we sometimes felt that real colors named "Wakasagi" were not appealing enough in the muddy water of the Kasumigaura system. The flat side of the lure is finished with a mixture of reflective colors that have strong appeal and white colors that have strong appeal in muddy water, to create a color that appeals strongly even in muddy water, attracts bass, and brings them to bite with its realism.

The color PRATINUM WAKASAGI of SHADHIN-X is the winning lure of 2012 Basser Allstar Classic. The realistic color reminds you of a wakasagi at a glance, and the silver shoulder that attracts reaction has been used in many other tournaments. Based on this, we kept the reflective shoulders and the realistic feel of a wakasagi, but made the second half of the lure bold and clear to reduce the visual effect compared to the action, creating a trick color that can make bass hesitate to use the lure.