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Condition: New
Length: 98mm
Weight: 10.5g
Type: Sinking

ONETEN Jr. SW model appeared !

ONETEN Jr. SW is a special model thoroughly tuned for saltwater.
The sinking model provides a stable flight posture and increased casting distance even in windy conditions. The responsive dart action allows the angler to strike the lure at the right spot. The action has been tuned to a natural "tight wobble-and-roll" action. This action is designed to bring the target fish to bite even in situations where activity is low due to pressure or weather conditions. The tougher the conditions, the more you will realize the power of ONETEN Jr. SW.

Front, center and rear hooks / Gamakatsu RB MH #8

Optimal lip shape, position and angle are set according to body size. Receives water moderately, so it performs a unique one-ten slide action with comfortable jerking.

The tight wobble-and-roll action combined with the flat-sided body produces a lustrous flashing action. It makes fish-eaters feed on the fish.

Equipped with three #8 hooks. Even a kissing bite in tough conditions is sure to be hooked up. If even one hook is hooked, the other two hooks will hook up during the fight, resulting in an overwhelming catch rate.