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Condition: New
Length: 110.5mm
Weight: 1/2oz
Type: Suspend


Introduced in the fall of 2000, the VISION ONETEN immediately captured the imagination of American anglers, setting a new standard for jerk baits. Designed by Yuki Ito for anglers in the United States, the ONETEN has emerged as the "go-to" jerk bait amongst touring pros, continuing to produce key fish and big checks from the Club level to the Bassmaster Classic. The profile, one-of-a-kind darting action, tungsten Multi-Way Moving Balancer System (PAT.) and hand-painted color patterns all contribute to the incredible fish-catching ability of the VISION ONETEN. The internal balancer system not only fuels the ONETEN's unparalleled action and huge flashes, but also allows it to cast like a bullet, far outpacing conventional jerk baits. This deadly package is finished off with three Megabass original sticky-sharp KATSUAGE OUT-BARB treble hooks, designed to increase hook-setting percentages when power-bait fishing. Crafted to generate results with a steady retrieve, traditional "jerk, jerk, pause," or trolling, the ONETEN responds to rod actions with unparalleled, life-like action. The one and only: VISION ONETEN.


The balancer fixed at the front low center of gravity position overlaps with the roll axis of the rolling action to produce a more dynamic action. The rear moving balancer is equipped with the multi-purpose center of gravity shifting system Mk-2 (PAT.), which not only increases the flying distance but also contributes to the production of trick action.

High specific gravity tungsten small diameter balancer weight

The high specific gravity tungsten small diameter balancer weight ensures an ultra-long weight lane despite the slim body form. Two high specific gravity small-diameter balancer weights that move to the tail end of the body when cast realize a new dimension of "flying" that far exceeds the flying distance of conventional bass minnows. It also produces a variety of trick actions when jerked or twitched. In addition, the low center of gravity fixed weight set in the front part of the body provides excellent stability and sharp tight rolling action during straight retrieve.

SR-X type flaky meandering trajectory by fast retrieve

ONETEN swims with a "dizzy" trajectory to the left and right by fast retrieve or simple stop & go. This creates a change in the linear swimming motion and enables the lure to pick up active fish efficiently.

Dynamic trick action by rod work

ONETEN is set up to produce wider and more dynamic dart action than ever before, as requested by US tournament professionals. The lure has a sharp and tight rolling action when it is rolled for free. When power jerked or twitched at high speed, it creates a dynamic and irregular escaping action with a sharp dart that flies sideways.

Swims well even with a slow retrieve
VISION ONETEN has a slow-floating setting. Even with a super dead slow retrieve, which would spoil the action of conventional suspending minnows, the bite opportunities are created with its steady movement. This is one of the most effective methods for shallow water in early spring and late fall.

The Kinkuro and orange colors represented by the GLX Tonekin are secret colors known only to those in the Boso reservoir Kameyama Dam. I myself have been fishing Kameyama Dam for more than 20 years, and these colors have been particularly successful. In the past, the water quality at the Kameyama Dam changed from time to time depending on the rain, but when it was calm, it seemed to resemble the chocolate-colored spring water at the Kameyama Hot Springs, so I threw an astringent orange color and it was a big hit.
Combining the reflective gold and orange image of the GLX with the muddy orange image of the Komorin Coper Shad, I created the Boso Secret as a new image for Kinkuro colors, not to mention for reservoirs in the Boso Peninsula.

This color, with its transparent body, pearl and holo effects, and a slight line in the center, is based on a color that was previously made at my request and released in limited quantities as the Ghost Shad, which I used as a completely secret color during tournaments. As the name "Suigo" implies, it has an excellent track record in the Kasumigaura system, but it also has a good track record in other fields and clear lakes. If you are having trouble with a bait during a tournament, use this color. It is the best and most versatile tournament color.

Wakasagi is often the main bait in the Kasumigaura system from fall to spring. Since many of these fish have been introduced to lakes with clear water quality, we sometimes felt that real colors named "Wakasagi" were not appealing enough in the muddy water of the Kasumigaura system. The flat side of the lure is finished with a mixture of reflective colors that have strong appeal and white colors that have strong appeal in muddy water, to create a color that appeals strongly even in muddy water, attracts bass, and brings them to bite with its realism.

I asked Megabass, a company that has distinguished itself from other manufacturers not only by its design but also by the realism and beauty of its colors, to paint the Deadly Fish in a dirty color. I asked Megabass to paint the deadly fish a dirty color, using their technique of turning lures into living creatures. I imagined the color of a dying fish with its scales peeled off, as if a bass had eaten it and spit it out of its mouth. I added a little blur to it. The nature of predators is that they attack from a weak point in the school. That's what I was aiming for with this color.