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Condition: Used
Length: 130mm
Weight: 5/8oz
Type: Floating

It has a sharp, high-pitch rolling action !

The ONETEN Magnum is an upsized version of the Vision ONETEN, which has achieved amazing results in the USA tournament scene. It has been designed to eliminate the unevenness and turbulence of the swimming action caused by conventional movable weights. Compared to conventional large minnows, the new model has a setting that dramatically improves swimming response. On a slow retrieve, it produces a bait fish swimming unprotected, and on a fast retrieve, it produces a sharp, high-pitch rolling action. When the retrieve is stopped for a moment, the lure's body trembles and wriggles to provoke a bite. It will ignite the fighting instincts of spooky monster bass that have given up on jerk baits in tough conditions during low water temperatures. We hope you will experience the power and hidden potency of the ONETEN Magnum.