Used X-140

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Condition: Used
Length: 144mm
Weight: 5/8oz
Type: Floating

High-pitch roll action" to stimulate tough neutral fish !

The X-140, the World Challenge Plug, is a new dimension of high-response minnows that overturns the common sense of big minnows, which have become sluggish due to increased water flow resistance caused by increased size. We hope you will experience the true value of the "Artisan Minnow" in a monster-infested field with the minnow building methods Megabass has accumulated over the years. On a straight retrieve, it has a "high pitch roll action" that stimulates tough neutral fish with a realistic flickering appeal. The extremely delicate and natural behavior of the X-140,
which Megabass has thoroughly pursued, is the "ultimate action" that monster hunters have been seeking for years.
The quintessential feature of the X-140 is its unique darting action, which is instantly apparent when the lure is caught in a current or when the current changes. The "hydro body" with Megabass' unique twist shape works in conjunction with the shifting of the center of gravity to create a "rolling and darting" action that de-orbit while fluttering and instantly sliding! The X-140 induces a different dimension of feeding, as it falls far below the lure's swimming layer and boldly bites up migrating monster fish. The "low altitude and ultra-long distance trajectory" performance of the X-140, which has astonished testers, is due to the internal tungsten balancer with a unique specific gravity setting and the calculated aero body that has a rectifying effect. It challenges monsters with a longer distance than conventional minnows and draws out cruising fish from a wider area.