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Condition: New
Length: 48mm
Weight: 2.7g (Floating) / 3.2g (Sinking)
Type: Floating / Sinking

High-impact finesse minnow with potential hidden in a small body !

The X-48 Acrobat has an overwhelming "impact" from its small body. It is an activity finesse method minnow developed for "delicate" and "bold" approach to slow big fish. It is specially designed to boldly trigger the reaction bite of "fish that can be seen but do not bite" in tough conditions in the field. It has a high pitch wobble roll and a sharp dart when twitched. The active center-of-gravity shifting system that produces a variable action produces an overwhelming flying distance that surpasses that of conventional small plugs. This is not just a small plug, but the true essence of a finesse small minnow that enables anglers to fish by setting the lure.