Unused X-55 1999

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Condition: Unused (scratches)
Length: 55.0mm
Weight: 3.0g
Type: Suspend

The X-55 is a special minnow for finesse fishing, tuned up based on the Great Hunting Minnow 50, a small minnow measuring less than 70mm, made by the first mass-production injection method in Japan. The X-55 is the basic unit of Megabass minnows. This minnow swims so crisply that it is hard to believe it is made of resin, and has an amazingly high strike rate. The secret of this can be proven by properly true-tuning the line and eye of the X-55 Floating Minnow. This is because the X-55 Floating has no "weight" to set the center of gravity. The lure, which has no weight balancing in the hollow body, swims perfectly without being swallowed by the creek torrents. This is the proof that Megabass hydroforming is a reliable work when designing the lure body.