Unused X-70 1999

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Condition: Unused (scratches)
Length: 70mm
Weight: 4.5g
Type: Suspend

The awesomeness of the standard
Can you surpass this fishing result ?

The center-of-gravity shifting structure for the X-70, which is designed to make the swimming action sharper and sharper during the trick action, is set to respond to rod actions such as twitching and jerking. The X-Bites Stage 1 also produced a string of good-sized fish right in front of anglers using a down-shot lure in the vicinity of the lure. Also, when jerking the lure on clear lakes with spinning tackle, the crisp, bright flash produced by the lure's unique flat body is the flash of a live bait, and you can't help but roar.
There are many minnows that emphasize flight, but it is safe to say that the X-70 is the only minnow that has been so thoroughly narrowed down and designed to swim only to drive fish-eaters crazy.

A center-of-gravity shifting system developed for use on small minnow-type lures. The center of gravity is raised to the top of the body by the shock of jerking and twitching, resulting in a "high center of gravity. This three-dimensional center-of-gravity shifting system enables even small-sized minnows to produce irregular action that approaches that of tandem center-of-gravity shifting.