X-75+2 X-NANAHAN+2

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Condition: New
Length: 75mm
Weight: 1/4oz
Type: Slow Floating

A masterpiece candidate from birth !

The super minnow "NANAHAN", which has been receiving many fishing reports from fields all over Japan since its release, is now available in a +2 model for even deeper range fishing.
The compact 75mm body easily reaches a range of more than 3m, and the lure's irresistible appeal is fully demonstrated right under the noses of reluctant big bass. The rare high-pitch roll action and trick dart by twitching, common to the Nanahan series, induce bites. The thoroughly tested aerobill provides a rocket distance with a stable flying posture that is not affected by the large air resistance of the diving lip. The NANAHAN series covers all ranges and has no blind spots at all.

High pitch roll action on a straight retrieve.
It has an overwhelming chasing focus that triggers bites just by reeling it in.

Its sharp darting to the left and right by jerking and flashing sets up a feeding trap in the water and stimulates the prey switch of the target.