Used X-80 MAGNUM+1 SW

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Condition: Used
Length: 115mm
Weight: 18.0g
Type: Sinking

Biting, further range expansion !
2.8m max. diving depth model is now available !

X-80 MAGNUM+1 was developed to capture the mid-range of around 3m. X-80 MAGNUM of the X-80 series, the unchanging "standard" that continues to dominate the world salt scene.
The X-80 series pursues "bait-like movement" to the utmost limit, leaving behind the common-sense action of salt minnows, and generates a new edgy "stimulating wave" action. When approaching from deep surf, high foothold breakwaters, rocky shores, boats, etc., it approaches fish cruising deep in search of bait with a natural impact that surpasses that of live bait, and drives them into an overwhelming feeding mode. The diving bill was created with an aerodynamic form that takes into account the frontal projected area, which reduces aerodynamic drag during casting to an astonishing degree. Furthermore, a low center of gravity, ultra-high specific gravity, and a small-diameter tungsten balancer are combined with a "triple center of gravity shift" to achieve overwhelmingly long castability and high-response action that defies the conventional wisdom of slim minnows.
The X-80 MAGNUM+1 breaks new ground for salt minnows.

Tungsten Triple Weight Oscillating System

This system converts inertia into propulsive force, giving the shiner body, which has more aerodynamic drag than a slim minnow,
a different dimension of super long-distance flight performance. When casting, three ultra-high specific gravity, small-diameter tungsten balancers make point contact in series, creating an impact of specific gravity x inertia that achieves overwhelming long castability. The "real body" that catches fish is carried to the target's face.

Lip Shape Comparison