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Condition: New
Length: 115mm
Weight: 15.0g
Type: Floating

X-80 Magnum Series Opens New Horizons for Salt Minnows !

The X-80 MAGNUM SR is based on the X-80 MAGNUM of the X-80 series, a constant "standard" that continues to dominate the salt scene around the world, and was developed to capture the shallow water range down to 1m in depth. Even in the SR model, which is mainly used in shallow water 50-60 cm below the surface, we pursued "bait-like movement" to the utmost limit, and achieved the high pitch roll action common to the X-80 MAGNUM series, which is distinctly different from the slow action of conventional shallow minnows. The X-80 also features a low center of gravity, ultra-high specific gravity, and a small-diameter tungsten balancer for a "triple center of gravity shift," achieving overwhelming long castability that overturns the conventional wisdom of slim minnows. The SR model has a floating setting to enhance its range keeping ability and response performance in shallow water. The X-80 MAGNUM SR cuts through the golden range of the night salt game with unprecedented pitch and wave action, opening up a new world of salt minnow fishing.

Wide Bend Bill

The high pitch roll action is a departure from the slower action of conventional shallow minnows.

Tungsten Triple Weight Oscillating System

This system converts inertia into propulsive force, giving the shiner body, which has more aerodynamic drag than a slim minnow,
a different dimension of super long-distance flight performance. When casting, three ultra-high specific gravity, small-diameter tungsten balancers make point contact in series, creating an impact of specific gravity x inertia that achieves overwhelming long castability. The "real body" that catches fish is carried to the target's face.